• "We moved in two weeks ago and it feels wonderful. Please feel free to stop by at any time. We are so happy here, and grateful that you brought us to this new step in our lives. Indeed, it is everything you said, an more. The building is lovely. The people in the building are warm and welcoming. It is very well maintained."

    Sheila and Marty















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Sandra Zelikovic Portfolio


List of Sold Properties

Cote St Luc

Cote des Neiges
Notre Dame de Grace

Rue Braille.

Trans Island Ave.

Jacques Grenier Ave.

Clanranald Ave.

Chemin de Bedford.

Rosedale Ave.

Somerled Ave.

Chemin de Cote St Luc

Prince of Wale Ave.

Place Lucy.

Rue de la Peltrie

Chester Ave.

MacDonald Ave.

Chemin Westover.

Royal Ave.

Grand Blvd.

King Edward Ave.

Edouard Montpetit Blvd.

Bonavista Ave.

Rue de Terrebonne.


Av. Macdonald

Crois Netherwood

Ch. Northcote

Ch. Downshire

Crois Aldred

Rue Dufferin

Stratford Rd.

Ch. Queen Mary

Ellerdale Rd.

Albion Rd.

Holtham Rd.

Place Aldred

Montreal West

Radcliffe Rd.

Prom Sheraton

Av. Westminster

Av. Ballantyne N.

Place Rugby


Ville Marie

Rue des Soeurs Grises

Rue de la Montagne

Rue Redpath

Rue St-Marc

Av. Lincoln

Rue de St-Urbain

Boul. Rene Levesque O.



Rue York

Roslyn Ave.



Le Plateau Mont Royal

Rue Hutchison


Mont Royal

Devon Ave.



Av. Bloomfield


St Laurent

Boul. Dr. Frederik-Philips

Rue St-Louis




Ch. Westbrook

Ch Merrimac

Castlewood Ave

Cavendish Blvd.

Lockwood Ave.

Beethoven Ave.

Palmer Ave.

Rembrandt Ave.

Ch. Pineview

Ch. Edison

Ch. Hudson

Alpine Ave.

Ch. de la Cote St Luc

Ch. Wentworth

Ch. Westborne

Ashdale Blvd.

Ch Schweitzer

Marc Chagall Ave.

Palmer Ave.

Rand Ave.

Mcalear Ave.

Leger Ave.

Ch. Louis Pasteur

Ch. Wallenberg

Edgemore Ave.

Melling Ave.

Trinity Ave.

Ch. Merton

Hartwell Ave.

Ch Kingsley.

Blossom Ave.

Ch. Collins.

Wolsley Ave.

King Edward Ave.

Ch Kildare

Robinson Ave.

Crois Korczak

Ch. Merrimac

Ch. Parkview

Northluc Ave.

Brandeis Ave.

Mcmurray Ave.

Parkhaven Ave.

Westminster Ave.

Norwalk Ave.

Wavell Ave.

Smart Ave.

Pinedale Ave.

Borden Ave.

Merton Ave.

Ch. Mountbatten

Glencrest Ave.

Greenwood Ave.

Cork Ave.

Jellicoe Ave.

Ch. Charest

Whitehorne Ave.

Freud Ave.

Luck Ave.

Guelph Ave.

Ch. Fern

Armstrong Ave.

Ch. Nice

Silverson Ave.

Centennial Ave.

Davies Ave

Ch. Abraham De Sola

Sunnyhurst Ave.

Ch. Heywood