• "We moved in two weeks ago and it feels wonderful. Please feel free to stop by at any time. We are so happy here, and grateful that you brought us to this new step in our lives. Indeed, it is everything you said, an more. The building is lovely. The people in the building are warm and welcoming. It is very well maintained."

    Sheila and Marty










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The City lies over 3.9 square kilometres on the western slopes of Mount Royal. It encompasses an urban forest, numerous parks and playgrounds, as well as cultural, religious and educational institutions. Its green is not restricted to public green spaces; with 11,000 City trees plus a myriad of carefully tended private lawns and gardens, Westmount is a gem in the greater metropolitan setting.

A Brief History of Westmount

Westmount was first incorporated as a city in 1874 and remained so until January 1, 2002 when it was forced to become a borough of the City of Montreal. On June 20, 2004 it voted to "demerge" and became an independent city again on January 1, 2006. However, it has not truly regained its former status since the bulk of its municipal taxes go to the newly created Agglomeration Council, which oversees activities common to all municipalities on the Island of Montreal (e.g. fire protection, public transit) even after the demerger.

Traditionally, the community of Westmount was an enclave of wealthy anglophones of British ancestry, having been at one point the richest community in Canada; it now competes with West Vancouver in British Columbia, Forest Hill, Rosedale, and The Bridle Path, in Toronto for the title. This made the city one of several symbolic targets of FLQ terrorist bombings in the 1960s, culminating in the 1970 October Crisis. However, it is now mostly inhabited by middle and upper-middle class families of multiple ethnic and linguistic backgrounds with the stereotype only partially existing at the very top of the mountain, around Summit Circle, a road which rings around its summit (one of the three peaks of Mount Royal), and on which some of Montreal's wealthiest families (including the Bronfmans and the Molsons) have built their homes as well as select avenues located off The Boulevard.



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